Fashion Friday

I love Fashion but I hate paying tons of money to look great. I believe you need two things the knowledge of what looks good on you and the skill to find it for less.


I did it I did it.. I saved enough to buy my BIG ticket Item for this fall?

What you ask?

New black boots

cole haan

You see I get the rest of my designer wardrobe for $20 or under a piece with the extra cash I have saved I got my one item that is timeless. I can wear these for YEARS!!! I am sure I am going to get a lot of comments for this splurge because it is by no means frugal but the methods I used to obtain these boots are.

1st I cut my grocery bills by roughly $500 a month with the Madame Deals Coupon Solution. The deal was whatever money I saved was “mine”. I chose to spend $250 a month on Margeaux’s college fund , $100 on entertainment for the family ($25.00 a week), $50 towards the principle of our house and $100 for myself. I used my $100 a month on the dresses for the wedding and the gifts with a weekly $20.00 shopping spree. You should see me shop $20.00 can buy ALOT! The rest of “my” money I squirreled away to buy these boots. I am a clothing stalker I saw these Cole Haan boots awhile back in a magazine for $475.00. NO, I would not pay that. I gave myself a budget of $250.00. I went to ebay daily to check for these boots in used or new condition and yesterday, I found them. I paid $232.00 which I admit is a lot but I have worked hard and saved for over 4 months to buy these and like they say these boots are made for walking and that is just what they will do for years to come!!

I also made the following cuts to save money:

We limited our dinners out. I cooked meals that made multiple meals. I went to the Farmer’s market to buy our produce. I traded for items instead of buying them. I also traded services instead of paying for them. We used the library to get movies to have movie nights that cost $1.00 for popcorn.

I believe that rewarding yourself is natural. I made big changes in the way we do things in our house. I put in the time to clip the coupons, follow the sales, and cook healthy and monetary reasonable meals.

I combined my errands to save on gas.

I now pay attention to the small things like lights, water, heat, etc.

I believe that saving money is about spending less but I also believe if you work hard to keep your expenses low , save for a rainy day, and  have paid off all your bills that a splurge is not only okay but a good motivator to keep up the good work.

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  1. Connie Alexander says

    I am very proud of you, you thrifty devil, and I can’t wait to see you strutting around in your new AWESOME boots!

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