Fashion Friday The $100 Challenge ends See how I did



Fashion FRIDAY…. Week 4 of the Fashion Challenge. Can you dress a child for $100.00? UMMM.. YES!

Spent $18.08 on Two new dresses, 1 tank top, and 6 pairs of sock. I bought these at the rugged warehouse. You have to look closely at all items but there are tons of deals.




Gap sweat shirt and long sleeve shirt

Cherokee brand new shorts and new to her skirt. These were found at Goodwill for just $8.24.

The items I bought in previous weeks



1 long sleeve gap T-shirt

1 children’s place shorts

1 Pair of jeans

1 Flower shirt

1 multi colored tie back shirt

1 hollister shirt  Price per item about $4.25

These items were purchased at the Goodie Bag. The mission of the Goodie bag is two fold it is ┬áto allow families to sell their clothes to be able to buy things they need and to allow other families to buy items for a reasonable price. This store is a wonderful place to find designer goods for less… much less. They just marked down some of their clothing and coming soon they will add women’s clothes!!!


Kids clothing challenge

1 Talbot Kids tank top

1 Gymboree sweat shirt

1 Lilly Pulitizer zipper sweatshirt

1 pair of Children’s place jeans

1 pink old navy shirt

1 pair of gap shorts

Just $2 each item got to love GOODWILL so $13.00 total

Here is what I got the first week…. total $30.80

Kids clothing challenge

Kids clothing challenge

Clothing challenge day 1

Clothing challenge

Gap long sleeve shirt

L.L bean sweater

Ralph Lauren polo shirt

Limited too shorts

Gap skirt

Justice Capris

Limited too top

Pink shirt

Flower shirt

Total $30.80

Grand total=$98.01 for 37 items Cost per item averages out to be $2.65

It is not what you SAVE it is what you Spent and I spent under $100 for 30 items!!!

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