Fannie May Fine Chocolates Presidents Day Sale, up to 50% off!

Fannie May Fine Chocolates Presidents Day Sale!

Just because Valentines day is over, doesn’t mean you can’t still get some yummy Chocolates for yourself! And with Fannie May, you can get those Chocolates (or Cheesecake…or chocolate covered strawberries) for up to 50% off until February 20th!

Check out some of the great deals I found on Fannie May:

Enjoy the perfect slice of our rich caramel Pixie, creamy plain, sweet white chocolate raspberry and delicious chocolate Trinidad cheesecakes for only $19.99 at Fannie May!

If you are just looking for some delicious chocolates, Fannie May has you covered with this next deal:

Fannie may

Featuring a treasure trove of goodies that are sure to please everyone.  This is a perfect treat, no matter what kind of confectionary delight you’re craving, and right now, this 2 lb box of chocolates is on sale for only $29.99! (Was $49.99!)


To check out more yummy deals from Fannie May, and other great sales going on, check out the Madame Deal Retail Store!

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