Family Involvement in the Saving Game

One of the most common complaints I hear about couponing is…TIME!  “I do not have time to cut coupons.” or “It takes too much time to shop with coupons.” Yes, it does take time; there is no getting around that. However, who says it is just your job to cut, organize and use the coupons?

Cutting your spending budget should be a family project. In fact, in order to be successful at couponing you are going to need support. Set a measurable and achievable goal as a family. If you have something to work towards, it will be much easier to cut your budget. Changing how and where you spend your money is changing the way you think. It is a process and it needs to monitored, adapted and changed over time.

So, how do you enlist the rest of your family to get on board with the saving game? One of the biggest time eaters with couponing is cutting the coupons. If you have an older child, teach them how to cut coupons. Turn it into a lesson on cutting straight lines! You will be surprised at how kids think this is a fun activity. I have also had my husband clip coupons as he watches television.

Organizing coupons also takes time. You can turn this activity into a teaching opportunity too. Have your children sort the coupons into food groups…vegetables, fruit, bread, dairy etc. For older children, have them stack coupons for the same item in order of value (teaches them how to determine the value of money). Older children can also pull out the expired coupons.

Once you get your family involved in the saving game, it will become part of your family culture. It will become second nature. You will also be instilling values in your children regarding financial responsibility. I think you will also be pleasantly surprised at how excited your children and family members get when they see you spending less and saving more towards your family goal!


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  1. sito says

    Very good suggestions! When my daughter was small, she was so excited to be able to clip coupons for me. She’d just cut them all out and I’d sort through for ones I’d actually use. Before she could read much, she was able to go through the coupons and match products up with the sale flyers from the store by pictures. She was proud to be able to help.

  2. says

    I just started saving money with coupons, Before i came across this article today, I was also trying to enlist the kids in cutting and sorting and filing coupons. My three sons are teens and tweens and I found it hard to motivate them. The 11 yo was most motivated and I convinced him to help by promising to pay him half of the savings in coupons. Once I realized how much this is actually going to give them, I have to alter my strategy… Maybe I went a little overboard, my first week couponing and I did stock up quite a bit but, we are looking at almost 500 in savings in the first week, it would be incredibly irresponsible to give a 9 and 11 yo $250 bucks…. shame on me, I lied…. I gave them each 30 bucks for helping and took the usual 10% off the top for savings
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