Fake Coupons: Can You Spot Them?

Our friend, Sara of Budget Savvy Diva, just posted the following article about how to be sure you are not using a fake coupon.  This is great information to keep in mind as you collect your coupons each week. In my opinion, the best tip is if the deal is too good to be true, then it probably is too good to be true!

How to Make Sure You Are NOT USING A FAKE COUPON

Know where you are getting the information: Budget Savvy Diva is a great resource -I spend over 10 hours each day finding the best deals and coupons for you – I make sure that all the coupons I post are legitimate 🙂 There are a large amount of bloggers who do not put the amount of work in and you could be paying the price.
The deal is too good to be true: If there is a coupon for a free product for very high value coupon, like $3.00 off a bag of chips, this is a huge red flag.
The expiration date: Remember the better the coupon ( High value coupons or coupons that have no size limit) have a shorter time it is good for. So if a printable coupon has more then 6 months till its expiration date – RED FLAG
The coupon is a pdf: PDFs are VERY easy to manipulate — this is another red flag. Again not all PDF coupons are fake but still be wary.
The coupon has no expiration date: Fake coupon can be spotted sometimes without having an expiration date – makes sense the person who made the fake coupon wants to use it as long as possible. THERE are companies that forget or do not put a expiration coupon – but you usually get these sort of coupons from the company themselves.
The coupon does not have a UPC code – HUGE RED FLAG – If there is no UPC it cannot be traced
Coupon is a Brick Coupon: This one is tricky… A brick coupon is a coupon that is the only one you can print. There are many legitimate brick coupons out there – this is a yellowish flag – just use the tools I have written about in this post to help you determine it is a fake coupon or not
Here is an example for YOU – Lets see if you are able to see how this coupon below is fake.

The real coupon was changed into a fake coupon by someone who wanted free products – this is what usually happens with fake coupons.

Hope this helps you be able to target fake coupons – please contact us at madamedeals@gmail.com if you find one.

Thanks! WalletPop and ABC News

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