Extreme Couponing


This site is about Making dollars out of change and every little change can bring big $$$, and the best way to help you save money is to guide you to couponing. Using coupons is very easy if you know the steps and right places to look for coupons. Here at MadameDeals, we want to help you make the most out of your shopping list, so we compiled this list of Extreme Couponing tips.

1. For those newbies to couponing. We suggest that you check out our Coupons 101, Coupon Terminology, Coupon Printing Solutions and Coupon Database. These will serve as your crash course in using coupons.

2. Visit Coupons.com for printable coupons.  Check out new coupons for May here.

3. It is great to know the type of coupons that you will be getting from your Sunday paper, so that you can plan ahead and know how many extra papers to get. You should check out Sunday Coupon Preview as they offer early information on Sunday coupon inserts.

4. Go to Cellfire and load coupons to your grocery card or mobile phone. Cellfire not only offers coupons for groceries, but also for shopping, restaurants, and entertainment.

5. Of course, we also want you to treat yourself by eating out, so make sure to visit our site often and be on the lookout for the latest restaurant coupons.


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