Extreme Couponing: TLC Used to Stand for The Learning Channel

TLC’s show Extreme Couponing has generated controversy since the first episode.  The Charlotte Observer recently ran this article “When Coupon Clipping Goes Wild.”  It’s focus is on Lowe’s Foods debut on ‘Extreme Couponing’ and their regret in doing so.

One good thing which has come out of the show is an increased interest in saving money through the use of coupons.  However, the couponers featured on the show are truly “extreme” couponers.

The first few episodes generated much controversy in the blog world over shelf clearing, multi-thousand dollar stockpiles in people’s homes, and illegal  use of coupons.  The last few episodes seem to have changed their focus a bit and have featured couponers buying for themselves and their relatives, a college student trying to make ends meet on a $100 a month grocery budget, and a mom couponing to purchase sports drinks and energy bars for her son’s football team.

The last few episodes have been much more realistic but still very “extreme.”  What would you like to see on the show?  Realistic couponing or over-the-top extreme couponing? 

What have you learned from the show?  After all, TLC used to stand for The Learning Channel.


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  1. Elaine Lund says

    I do not watch this show because I was turned off on it after the first two. However, if this show would feature more realistic couponing, then I may watch again. Thanks for the great article.

  2. Lana says

    I want to see realistic couponing. I’m not worried about only spending a dollar. I would rather see if someone only had $20 how much get they can. I am not interested in stockpiling. If I earn free items they would go to the food bank etc.
    A lot of the people on these shows seem selfish. I also think there are better things to do for three hours than grocery shop.

  3. says

    I watched the first few episodes but stopped watching it in hopes that they will have ratings so low the show will be cancelled. I do stockpile to an extent, but never food items because I couldn’t use them fast enough. I will buy hygiene and paper products in bulk when I can because I am never going to stop using toilet paper so I know it will never be a waste to stock up on it. :)

  4. melanie owens says

    I would like to see realistic couponing since our stores don’t double and coupons state you can only use 4 like coupons per transaction. Stores don’t like having you do 10 transactions. I really want to save and have alittle stock so I don’t have to get some in a few weeks. I enjoy watching the show but its not helping me. People are really on tight budgets now days.

  5. says

    I like the show. There are always going to be people who will find something to complain about. Yea, it’s nice when you those couponers who don’t have large families give most of what they buy to charity instead of keeping it for themselves. However, if they don’t want to give it to charity that’s fine too. To each his/her own.

    What a lot of people don’t seem to understand that these people on this show started couponing out of need. So, yes it’s hard for them to adjust their shopping now that they have made it back into a safety zone. They’re always living in fear of what if. Also, having worked in retail and studied it in college, couponing is stimulating the economy. Without people spending money you’ll see more and more of your Walmarts, Targets, Food Lions, etc drying up.

    I’m glad that this show has helped a lot of people try to find a way to live within their means.

  6. says

    I’ve watched a couple of episodes and each time end up being angry. I don’t care if someone wants to stockpile or even clear the shelf. It’s the breaking of the law and the rules put in place by the stores that bother me. If the store limits you to using only 3 or 4 like coupons, then you should only be buying 3-4 of those items. Not 100 of them and breaking your order up into 25 different purchases. That is illegal and shame on the stores that let someone do that. If the store is willing to do that, then the store should change their policy and lift the limit. Period. Don’t have a show that shows people how to cheat the system.

  7. Malea C says

    What REALLY stinks is all the light that has been shed on couponing. There are less deals available out there for those of us that have always couponed-I do it because I HAVE to, not just to “see how much I can get”. Shelf-clearing is at an all-time high here, and I cannot even go into the store with my coupons and get the 1-2 items for each deal that I am looking for to support my family. I’ll be glad when the show is OVER and all of this wears off…

  8. Dawn says

    I likewise watched a couple of times and realized that I wasn’t really learning anything useful. I am frustrated as Malea and others with the wiping out of sale items. I am a family of 7, I shop once a week with an occasional stop for milk or TP. It is so frustrating to make my entire list and then find %25 of it gone. Stop hoarding, it’s a sickness not a strategy to save money. Even all of those toiletries have a shelf life, paper goods are about the only truly logical item I can see having that large of a stockpile of, because as Angela said we will always use it up. Once you have few extra though leave some on the shelf, please….

  9. cindy says

    I would love to see them do more shows on not getting any doubles on coupons, Here in my area they do not double coupons, only now an then do you see K-Mart do it, so that makes a big difference on what you have to spend for your groceries. I would really like to learn more about how to keep my coupons an what is there for coupons, as I have found that even when you go to a site they do not always have coupons for what is on sale an then how do you look for them in all the coupons you have when you know you have seen them. Back about the show, it is interesting an I do get a kick out of watching what people do.

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