Extreme Couponing: Hype vs. Reality


Here’s a reminder to all our readers that the newest episode of Extreme Couponing airs on TLC at 9:30pm this evening. Tonight’s episode focuses on identical twins Tai and Tarin’s birthday freebies and Nathan in Kentucky preparing 1,000 military care packages.

Before watching tonight’s show, we suggest reading Rasha of A Full Cup’s article Extreme Couponing:  What They Don’t Show or Tell You! This article focuses on the realities of couponing which are not conveyed to viewers by TLC’s show.

As readers have seen in our series Couponing for the Extremely Normal, couponing for the average (or even above average) coupon shopper is not even close to what is portrayed in the TLC series. Check out our tips here.

Let us know what you think about the extreme vs. reality of Extreme Couponing!


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