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I was recently asked to be a brand ambassador for Extra Space Storage. I bet you are thinking why would I be selected for that position. The reason is simple I like their brand. I was asked to share what my storage style was. Well, I have a couple of storage style. You see I have the perfectly laid out for everyone to see storage solutions. I also have the wonderful drawer that well I hope it closes. I mean I really hope it closes. I am not sure what is in there in fact I am pretty sure that is why the drawer looks like that. When people come over I just wipe everything into the drawer. Then my life gets busy and I just forget to get the stuff out of the drawer until I am looking for something everywhere that it could or should be and it isn’t there. Then I venture into the drawer of doom and there it is.

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How to clean your drawers


    I have tried to gleam some inspiration from my Madame Deals pinterest board. I have even attempted several ideas. I guess you can say I am an organizer on a need to have it done or else my carefully arranged life will not happen on time.I think the nature of my saving strategies really does influence not only how I shop but how I group my food purchases. I am a coupon shopper but not extreme by any means. I am an extremely normal coupon shoppers.  I did need to add to my kitchen cabinets by buying a simple hutch for just $99.00 and creating a storage solution that was perfect for our stockpile.


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These are some of my storage solutions. I can say that I have so much stuff the idea of having somewhere else to place it like Extra Space Storage has not only crossed my mind but it needs to appear on my to do list. We intend to get a unit when we are ready to sell our house. I have also considered moving out everything but the basics and seeing what we can really live without. I am positive that their storage solutions at Extra Space Storage will not only fit my budget but fit my lifestyle.


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