Expired Coupons for Troops

So, as many of you know military families overseas can use expired coupons 6 months after their expiration date. Stretching Your Budget is collecting coupons to send to our troops overseas to help them save money just like we do here!

Once a month we sort through the coupons into food & non food categories. We add up the total amount of the coupons and then mail them to 2 Military Bases in Italy. This past month, on Oct. 8th we collected thousands of coupons from our local area, and even had someone sent us some from LasVegas! A group of volunteers including myself gave up our Saturday morning and sorted these coupons and we were able to sort and package $22,036.52 in coupons to bless our military families with!!

We meet to sort coupons on the 2nd Saturday of every month at our church. If you would like to help support our troops, please mail your coupons and we will make sure they get sent to our military families!! It only costs you a stamp, but think of the greater impact you will have on someone else’s life!

Our next Saturday sort date is Nov. 12th, but you can send coupons at anytime!!
Send your Coupons to:
Stretching Your Budget
147 Hicks Road
Lexington, NC, 27295
Attn: Maria Sweeden (coupons for troops)
3730 University Parkway
Winston Salem, NC 27106

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