Exclusive: $10 off at Target or Walmart or $5 Off CVS from Offermatic

If you love getting rebates, then you will surely love Offermatic! They offer personalized rebates for you based on your purchase history, so you don’t need to look for any coupons or codes to get your extra savings. And the good thing is this service is absolutely free!

Here’s How It Works:

1. Just sign-up for free using a valid email address.
2. Connect your credit card to your account through Offermatic’s secure connection. This will grant Offermatic a read-only access to your purchase history.
3. Their proprietary savings-matching technology analyzes your purchase history to find you amazing offers.
4. Simply shop as you normally would. Your automatic rebates get applied back to your card!

Okay, you may have second thoughts on giving them access to your credit card but to ease your doubts Offermatic uses a 100% safe and secure technology that is also being used by banks. And you’re not really giving them complete access to your card, what you will give them is a read-only access to your purchase history. If you have a cash-back credit card, you can use that as well to maximize the savings that you can get. I use their service and its amazing!

Here’s an Exclusive Deal for all MadameDeals readers from our friends at Offermatic!

Get $10 Off $20 at Target

Get $10 Off $20 at Walmart

Get $5 Off $5 at CVS

From the three offers above, choose the discount that you want and click on that link to sign-up at Offermatic. Next is you need to add a card on that account to activate your discount.

Plus, here’s my extra bonus to all of you. By signing-up and activating your account at Offermatic using my exclusive links above, you’ll get an extra entry to my iPad 2 Giveaway. Just go to this link and post a comment saying that you have activated an Offermatic account.



  1.  James K. Trent says

    These are great coupons…I hope I can avail of this and I know many people wants to avail of the $10 off…

  2. Trisha B. says

    So, we have to choose just one of these? And we can’t do this plus the movie ticket either, right? ‘Cause if we could, that would almost seem too good to be true!


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