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This post brought to you by Dollar General. All opinions are 100% mine.

Do you know one of my favorites things to say is the Pledge of Allegiance? Do you know why? I actually understand what it means to recognize the dedication of the men and women who have fought for our freedom and the men and women who fight today. It wasn’t that long ago that my husband was in the Navy. He is also a veteran. When we visit the veteran hospital I am amazed by the men and women who surround us with smiles and tales of their heroics. We often forget how much those heroes gave to us so we could enjoy our freedom.

I look at the flag and it reminds me of the American dream. The American dream to me is having the ability to be financially solvent. I do that by using coupons and shopping in stores that offer the best prices like Dollar General. I pick places to shop that have the products I want to buy for the prices I want to pay. I also believe in taking the money I save on my purchase and putting that money into the bank in case there is an emergency. I know that every dream I have is possible because of the people who protect my America.

June is the month to recognize our Military heroes. Dollar General is leading the fight to make sure the Veterans are recognized and they have made them their everyday hero. What can an everyday hero expect at Dollar General’s? The can depend on great customer service and an attention to detail. The can rely on the best prices and superior brands availability at reasonable prices.  They are my go to place for deals on P&G products like Scott Paper Products , Crest®, Pantene®, and more.


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    Thank you for sharing about Dollar General. This is an admirable advocacy for people who fight for their country. We enjoy using plenty of P&G products so i’ll check this one out.

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    We use these products often I will make sure I share with everyone. People who fight for this country deserve this and so much more

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    I used to love saying the pledge of allegiance in school! This is such a fantastic way to recognize those who fight for our freedom! It’s the absolute least we can do, right? BTW, please check the link below. You’re in it!

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