Estate Sales: Are they a Bargain?

I had my first experience with an Estate Sale recently. I am a huge fan of yard sales but I have never really ventured to the higher end estate sales. A came across an estate sale on my way home and I decided to see what it was all about. At first, I was very taken back by the prices. I am use to yard sale prices; there is a BIG difference between the two.

I found a few items that interested me, but I didn’t need the items. It was then that I overheard someone say, “tomorrow all items are 50% off“. What? Okay, I am definitely not purchasing my items that interest me but I don’t necessarily need today. I decided to take my chances and see if they are still available at 50% off.

The next day I arrived at the estate sale five minutes prior to the opening time. To my surprise, the place was packed. I guess I am not the only one who decided to take a chance! I hurried to my staked out items. They were there! All three items I had wanted were there and mine for the taking at 50% off!

The last day of the estate sale went to 75% off. I didn’t get a chance to stop back by. However, I learned something valuable, estate sales may start out pricey but there are good deals if you are patient. Now, if there was an item that I really needed, I wouldn’t have waited and took a chance. It was a bit of a thrill trying to collect my items before someone else swooped them up!


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