Epson Stylus NX430 All-in-One Printer, only $49.99

Hurry check out the Staples President’s Day Savings Event and save big on computers, digital cameras, printers and more.

One of the deals right now is on an Epson® Stylus® NX430 All-in-One Printer which is on sale for just $49.99 (Reg. $99.99), you save 50%. Plus, item qualifies for Free Delivery.


  1. Phoenix says

    We used to like Epson printers until we actually started getting the All-In-Ones.

    We have a CX9400 All-In-One and was going to get the NX430 just because it was cheaper than new ink (since it is half price with free shipping). We ‘were’ going to get it, until we read the comments and found out it has the same problem as the CX9400…

    The Problem is that when you run low on ANY of the 4 ink carts (Cyan, Yellow, Magenta or Black) the thing effectively become a brick until you put a new ink cart in. It won’t even let you send a Fax (don’t need to have a fax report printed) OR Scan (even if it is saved to the computer and not being printed as a copy).

    This unit gets VERY expensive, very fast, since you always have to have ink in it, even when you want to use it for the ‘non printing’ functions. We will never get another Epson until they resolve this issue.

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