Enter to win a Kindle Fire HD from Duraflame!

Enter to win a Kindle Fire HD from Duraflame!



Just in time for the holidays you can enter to win a brand new Kindle Fire HD from Duraflame! Plus when you sign up you can choose to receive emails with specials offers and coupons! Click the photo above to enter today!

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  1. Leslie Rain says

    This would be great for my daughter she loves to read and going to the library every week is getting old to her she checks out 5 to 6 books a week and reads all of them. She is only 12 and she is out reading her teachers lol.

  2. David Hans says

    disSiabled person who relies on my kindle fire (first generation) for a LOT and it’s defnitely showing signs of the wear and tear. could definitely use this!

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