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effortless extension


I was complaining the other day that I wanted long hair. I used to have long hair and it has been forever since I had long hair. I really do not have any patience to grow it. I learned about extensions. I was trying to gather information on my facebook page and I was contacted by Effortless Extensions. They offered to send me some to try. The extensions above are the 16 inch flare in expresso. I couldn’t believe how easy they were to put on. They are on a micro line and you just lift a little bit of your hair and put on the extension and then you brush your hair over.

Okay so right out of the package they look like this:



This is my normal hair in case you do not know….



okay, so I thought they were to long for me. I decided to take my extension and get it cut. I ran over to Cut n Candy. I put on my extensions which is so easy. You can watch the video to see.


I will admit that my hair is colored and those are highlights that were not created by the sun. I mean a gal has to have some fun. I am now a believer in extensions. I had no idea how much fun they are!

endless extensions

This is the back since so many people asked to see that as well. I would say 1/4 of the hair you can see  is my real hair. The rest isn’t. SHHHH

effortless extension

Then she cut some layers in it. I think you would have a hard time being able to tell which is real or which hair is fake. I can wash the extensions, curl, or flat iron them. The best part is they are inexpensive and I didn’t have to wait to grow my hair. These truly are Effortless Extensions. I would order yours below by clicking on any of the blue words. You will love them! I mean this is so much better than a baseball cap.

FEELsoREAL Effortless Extensions Synthetic 16″ Flare

You can purchase Effortless Extensions at Amazon.com, Beauty.com and at SallyBeuaty.com!

Do you like the Effortless Extensions?

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