Echo Valley Meats Review and Discount!

Echo Valley Meats Review and Discount!


Recently, I got the chance to review some yummy treats from Echo Valley Meats. If you watch the popular show, Shark Tank, you have seen this awesome company before! So what is echo valley meats? It is a retail, wholesale, Mail Order, and fundraising company from Peoria Illinois; the Heart of the Midwest. Echo Valley Meats specializes in that “old fashion butcher shop” quality. This business is in Dave’s(the owners) blood. He is third generation in the meat business, a cattleman, and a farmer. Dave started cutting meat at 11 years old and had to stand on a milk crate to reach the cutting table. He knows the meat business better than anyone and his motto has been, “I know the meat business from conception to consumption.”

I don’t know about you, but when I buy meat, I want to buy from someone with that much experience and passion! Echo Valley Meats has all sorts of different meats for any needs! They have summer sausage, a great assortment of different cuts of meat, coffee, nuts, cheese, crackers, and their most popular item, Ham, which is one of the only in the country that is not water added. It is a natural juice ham!

So here are the yummy treats I got to try from Echo Valley Meats:


Gourmet Sausage and Cheese Snack Pack- This yummy snack pack came with 1 – Summer Sausage, 1 – Spicy Summer Sausage, 1 – Garlic Summer Sausage, 1 – Knox Beer Summer Sausage, 1 – container of our homemade Garlic Cheese Spread, a box of Gourmet Crackers and a package of our homemade Gourmet Cinnamon roasted almonds.

Everything in this snack pack was absolutely delicious.  The sausage tasted fresh and very flavorful, even my 5 year old couldn’t get enough of it! The Garlic Cheese spread was perfect on the crackers, and the gourmet cinnamon roasted almonds were gone about 5 mins after we opened them. Perfect!


The Garlic Summer Sausage was everyones favorite, and for good reason, the flavor was amazing, and you could actually see the bits of garlic that they put in the sausage. We would give everything in the snack pack 2 thumbs up!


The other yummy item we received from Echo Valley Meats was their Bone-In Half Spiral Ham which was a perfect choice for the holidays or any day, these spiral sliced, honey-glazed hams are naturally smoked. With the intense flavor everyone will enjoy, you’ll want one large enough for plenty of leftovers. (Avg. 7-9 lbs.) Serves 15-20 people. This ham was juicy and full of flavor! It camed fully cooked, so all we had to do was warm it in the oven for about an hour and a half, and it came out perfect! It was really large considering it was only 1/2 a ham! We had ham sandwiches for the rest of the week!

My final thoughts on Echo Valley Meats?

I think that this company knows what they are doing when it comes to delicious meats! Everything was super tasty, and well made. Our family really enjoyed it, and my 5 year old is already asking when we can order again. Echo Valley Meats has generously offered a $5 off coupon exclusively for  Madame Deals readers so you can try out some of their awesome products yourself! Simply enter the code “Blogger5off” at check out and enjoy your $5 coupon!

Make sure to check out the Echo Valley Meats Facebook Page for the latest announcements and sales!

Looking for some recipes to go along with the echo valley meat goodies? Check these out:

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  1. SA Graver says

    What am I missing? You claim EVM is a wholesaler. Even on Shark Tank he bragged about how reasonable their prices are. After spending days just trying to get to their website (it was non-functional) someone finally called me and said “Hey! The site is up!” I hurried to the site only to find the most outrageous meat prices I have ever seen, Ribeye – $40/lb. Filet – $60/lb. Prime Rib – $23/lb. Ham – $10/lb. Summer Sausage – more than $9/lb. Mixed Nuts – $20/lb. BTW you mentioned in your review Spicy Summer Sausage and Know Beer Summer Sausage… these items are listed nowhere on their products pages. Also you said your package included one bag of Almonds. Nowhere on their site do they even offer a the ability to order a single type of nut. They have cinnamon mixed nut package (almonds, cashews and pecans) or chocolate covered mixed nut package (almonds, cashews and pecans). Believe me I looked for a long time. At $20/lb. I can’t imagine buying a package of mixed nuts when I don’t care for almonds. At these prices I expected to find they included shipping but.. wait… what? it doesn’t. $10 to ship up to $39 order, $20 for $40-$70 order, $25 for $70-$130 and $30 over $130 order. I would try to compare EVM to Omaha Steaks but I’ve tried Omaha and they are low quality. You can find cuts of similar quality at Wal-Mart. I don’t know just how good EVM quality is but at their prices it would have to be the best in the world by a long shot. Even then their prices would still be too much. Here in Texas we can get prime cuts of Ribeye for $17/lb. Filet for $22/lb. and so on and so on. And that’s on the higher side of prices. It is apparent that the owner of Echo Valley Meats lied to the public on Shark Tank about their prices. Now you have to wonder if they are truthful about their quality and service.

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