Ebay Shopping

I am a shopper. I admit to it. I love to find a deal. These are my tips for not spending a lot on your wardrobe. You can check out my other fashion tips on my fashion Friday series. This is how I fill my closet without emptying my pocketbook.

1) I try on clothes at the store.

2) I take my measurements

3) I know what fits look good on me

4) I write a list of things I need

5) I buy classic piece for more than trendy items

6) Everything I buy had to be able to be worn three different ways unless it is for a special event

7) I do my research

8) I wait for the right time to buy

9) I set a limit and decide if I really need it

10) I look at feedback and resale incase the item doesn’t fit . Can I sell it back for a profit or get my money back.

This is my newest purchase.. on Friday I will show you three different ways to wear it. I love Rachel Roy and she offers a high end line at Macy’s for a lot less.

Ebaytotal spent is $8.24 amount saved is $100. 76


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