How often do you & your hubby eat out?


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Have you noticed the Juice Box Jungle widget on our sidebar? Every few weeks Juice Box Jungle brings us a new video that you can view right on our site. This month, the sponsor is and the subject matter is eating out!

One thing that my husband and I rarely get to do alone is eat out! Pre-children, we had a rule, every Friday night was date night. We went out to eat, went to a movie or walked on the beach (when we lived in California!). Once the kids came along, we have slowly gotten away from that. I took the poll from Juice Box Jungle and amazingly 71% of participants agreed right along with me.

Do you eat out often enough with your hubby or significant other? Take the poll from Juice Box Jungle by clicking your answer on our sidebar widget. It only takes a second!

Half the battle of eating out is affording it! can help with that by allowing you to purchase gift certificates for your favorite places at a fraction of the price. The other half of the battle if finding a sitter! Sorry, I don’t have a discount code for that (and that is why we don’t go out more often!).

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  1. Heather says

    Perhaps to settle your babysitting dilemma, you might consider trading one weekend night (or afternoon depending on how old/young your kids are) with another family who, no doubt also needs some time out too. It’s always easier to say you will sit for someone else’s kids when you know that your turn is coming up. It might be easier for everyone if you set a time and stick to it – ie: the first Sat of the month is your family and the third Sat of the month is the other family’s time. Another option might be to create a babysitting co-op where you might trade sticks or other forms of “payment” (indicative of a set amt of time – perhaps 30 minutes each stick) All of these options would need to have families who knew one another pretty well, so as everyone was comfortable with the situations.

    • madamedeals says

      Great ideas Heather! It is definately something to look into! I like the part about picking a time and sticking to it. Otherwise, it is too easy to make excuses to not take the time!

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