Easter Egg Crafts


Easter Egg Crafts – “Eggcellent” Wreath

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It may be officially Spring but that does not mean that Winter is not hanging around to see how much trouble it can cause. With Easter only 4 weeks away, the desire for fresh air, bright colors, and a renewed sense of being are pounding on the door. I decided that in order to beat away the Winter blues, my daughter and I could create an Easter Egg Crafts. We could then pay it forward by gifting it to someone to help brighten up their day. I followed my own advice in How to Save on Crafts and headed to the Dollar Store to pick up our crafting supplies. Since we were doing a mommy/daughter easy Easter craft, I let my daughter use her imagination for the supplies that we would need. Check out how you can create this Easter Egg Crafts and add some color to your home. 

Easter Egg Crafts – Eggcellent Wreath

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Everything for this craft was purchased at the Dollar Store so the cost for one wreath was only $6 and I had some stuff left over.

Supplies Needed

1 Foam Floral Wreath

1 pack of Easter Gardland

4 large Foam Egg Picks (4 came in 1 package)

Medium Sized Foam Egg Ornaments

Small Decorative Foam Eggs

1 Bunch of Artificial Flowers

**12″ Scrap of Ribbon – I had some left from these Easy DIY Party Favors**

Tacky Glue or Hot Glue Gun

Easy Easter Craft 3


Glue one end of the garland to the Styrofoam wreath and start wrapping around the wreath.

Wind the entire strand of garland around Styrofoam wreath. Be careful to wrap evenly so you don’t end up with large gaps in some spots and small gaps in others.

Glue the final end of the garland in place.

Decide where the top of your wreath will be. Fold the ribbon in half, creating a loop and glue in that spot.

Start with the Large eggs and place 2 on each side of the wreath.

Push the leaves down on the bunch of flowers and clip the flower stems about 4 inches from the bud.

Insert into the wreath around the Large eggs and toward the bottom. Get creative and follow your instincts.

Next glue an assortment of Medium eggs to the bottom of the wreath reserving three for the end.

Decide how many small eggs you will need to fill in the top of the wreath and start gluing them.

Let glue dry.

While the glue is drying, cut a small piece of the floral stem and place 3 medium eggs on it to create a hanging effect. Fold over the end of the stem. Glue for extra measure.

Insert into middle of wreath.

Once the wreath is dry you can gift or hang up to enjoy a bit of Spring all day long.

The best thing about this Easter Egg Crafts is that you can change it up with different colors based on what you find at your local store and create many different wreaths to hang in different rooms of your house or to give away as gifts. The options are only limited by your imagination. My daughter created this design and it came out perfectly, if you want to mix it up go ahead that is the best part about creating wreaths is how versatile and fun they can be.

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  1. $6.00 is an amazing price! I was looking at the wreaths at Michael’s and they were sky high. With a price this low having several pretty wreaths is doable. Thank you for the tutorial and the inspiration. We have a Monday link party; Celebrate Your Story and would love to have you join us. The collection is still open and here is the link:
    http://www.thesweetsensations.com/celebrate-your-story-link-party-is-moving/. Have a fun evening and I hope you are able to join us.