Earn with Swagbucks

Earn with Swagbucks


I have been doing Swagbucks since April 2012 and have earned quite a bit, this helped with the Christmas shopping.

The first thing I do everyday is the Daily Poll and the NOSO (when doing the NOSO just skip through until you get to the capta then enter the capta in). Also make sure you download the Toolbar, doing this you get 1pt everyday just for viewing the toolbar. With having the toolbar it makes it easier to know and find the swagcodes also. Swagcodes can be entered at the top by your pts there is a gear just click on it and enter it there.

The next thing I do is hover over Discover at the top of the page and go to Special Offers. On Special Offers, I choose Radium One. I always complete the 1 and 2pt offers…all these pts do add up. After that while your still in Special Offers I go to Peanut Labs. You’ll find Surveys in there. I always do all of them; you can get at least 1pt for trying them.
Third, do all your Internet searches through here; you can win pts. Every Friday is MegaSwagbuck Day and you can win BIG searches. I have won up to 46pts for just 1 search.

Another way to earn points is to Print all your coupons from Coupons.com from here…. you can find them under the Discover at the top of the page. You get 10pts for every coupon you print and use.

Next go to Answer at the top of the page. You’ll find Trusted Surveys there and you can get 1pt for at least trying them.

Swagbucks TV, you can find this under watch at the top for the page. Every 10 videos (they have to be different videos) you can earn 3pts. Lastly check your Messages, you can get surveys, videos, and offers in there also:)

Just a reminder:

DO NOT post the code anywhere on Facebook or THEY WILL BAN YOU FROM SWAGBUCKS! You can find the codes on their Facebook page, Twitter, or their Blog.

Earn with Swagbucks Now!

Thanks to Kathy S. for these tips!

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  1. Brian says

    Somewhat recently SBs blogged stating that you CAN post codes to Facebook, Twitter, etc.
    If you can’t find where they announced this then just send them an email asking about it.

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