alouetteSo Renae and I were making our binders for the June 11th workshop and we were sharing deals. I said, “I have to submit that rebate for the $7.00 cheese.. gosh I have to find the form.” She started laughing and said, “You only have to go as far as our site.” Click on the rebate calendar and get your cheese rebate form and more!!! (huge cheese freak and free cheese ranks up there with free chocolate)

In case you  snag this free after a rebate cheese here are three ways to use it:

1) place the brie on french bread, slice some granny smith apples and put the under the brie, top with cinaminn 

2) place brie on french bread, add ham, and raspberry jam toast

3) wrap in crescent rolls that you bake, add jam or jelly or honey. Then cook according to the crescent tube. Serve warm!!




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