Dropcam HD Keeps an Eye on Your House When You Cannot

 Dropcam HD is There When You Aren’t

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 I live in a good neighborhood but I also know that anything can happen anywhere at anytime. However, I can’t be home every hour of every day. I also have 2 children who are old enough to be left home alone for a few hours but I want to be able to check in on them. Purchasing security systems can be expensive and the monthly service fee is something most people can’t afford. My problem was solved when I heard of a new video monitoring system that used your own Wi-Fi connection to stream video right to your computer and mobile devices.

Top Features of the Dropcam HD

  • HD Video Quality (720p with a wide angle lens)
  • Night Vision -automatic infrared LEDs help you monitor even at night
  • Digital Zoom lets you get up close
  • Two way Radio allows for communication
  • Mobile Apps allow you to watch from iPhones,Smart Phones and other mobile devices
  • Scheduling option allows you to use it when you need it and save electricity when you don’t
  • Portable,easily move it when needed because you just need an electrical outlet.
  • Motion and Sound Detection
  • Email and Smartphone Alert system
  • Small and Discreet but Highly Functional

Dropcam 1

The Dropcam HD streams live. I did notice a slight delay (5-10 seconds) in the streaming but nothing that was concerning. Since it is wireless I expected a delay of some sort and was actually impressed that it wasn’t longer. They do offer an optional Cloud Based DVR service for an additional monthly fee.

The two way radio feature took a few minutes for my husband to figure out but it might have been shortened if he read the directions. I like this function because it would be perfect for soothing an infant or young child without going into the room.

The size of the Dropcam makes it easy to place in any location. I found that it blended in perfectly with our electronics and resembles a webcam. Its size also makes it easy to place almost anywhere you need it to go.

Now when I am traveling or just going out for some errands, I can go in peace knowing I can check in at anytime.

See how the Dropcam HD protected this families belongings when they weren’t home!

Vacationing Family Sees Burglar in the Act and notifies Police!

 For more information and technical specifications visit  DropCam!

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