Dr. Scholl’s Foot Massager – $19.99

Dr. Scholl’s Rolling Massage Foot Spa – $19.99 with Reward card

Sale Starts Thanksgiving at 9 AM

Revive your feet after a long hard day in the Dr. Scholl’s Rolling Foot Spa. Smart heat technology keeps water warm while in use and the anti-splash hood keeps water from splashing on the floor. The Dr. Scholl’s Rolling Foot Spa has an accunode basin. These nodes provide relaxing massage sensation to your feet and dual massage rollers relax and revive your feet.  So say “Good-bye” sad feet and “Hello” happy feet with the Dr. Scholl’s Rolling Foot Spa. Now at Walgreens for only $19.99.

Walgreens.com has a place for you to ad your Balance Reward Card information. If you do not have one you can quickly sign-up online during checkout. Shipping is free on all orders of $25 or more.

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