Downton Abbey How to Watch it for Free

How to find Downton Abbey for Cheap….

downton abbey

I was recently introduced to Downton Abbey  which of course I proceeded to spell it as Downtown Abbey. I soon became hooked. I couldn’t stop watching it. This is what I found out. If you have Amazon Prime you can watch season 1-4 for FREE. Yes, you need prime. Amazon Prime is $79/yr. It is worth every penny because with prime you can get a ton of stuff for free and you get free shipping on our orders and that is priceless for me. I do believe they offer a 30 day trial so check it out.

I also love their video selection and my free kindle book monthly. If you become a fan and just want to own the series than you can buy them here.

Downton Abbey is a great show and being able to watch it where you are is an 9xtra incentive. It is my treat for putting in time on the treadmill.

You can also buy DVD’s, Blu-Ray’s, Instant Videos of Downton Abbey at Amazon


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