Dove Hair Therapy Color Care Review

Dove Hair Therapy



Being somewhat obsessed with my hair I was thrilled when I was given the opportunity to try Dove’s new Hair Color Care therapy products. I have been using Dove® Color Care for seven days and am beyond satisfied with the results. I have been using pricey salon products for quite some time and have struggled with my hair being dry and brittle or flat and heavy. I color my hair at home about every eight weeks and find that within a short time the shine and vibrancy begins to fade and I am left searching for products that will prolong the life of my color while nourishing my hair at the same time. After using Dove® Color Care products for seven days I am blown away by the results. My hair is softer, shinier and vibrant. The shampoo is concentrated allowing me to use a relatively small amount while the lather is thick and abundant. The shampoo rinses completely away leaving my hair feeling clean without leftover residue. The Color Care Daily Treatment Conditioner moisturizes quickly and rinses away leaving my hair soft and ready to be styled. The Color Care Leave On Conditioner allows me to blow dry and heat style my hair without drying it out and leaving it brittle. The end result is shiny, soft vibrant hair that requires less styling product. Recently, my 14 year old son asked me if I had done something different to my hair; my co-workers have mentioned that my hair looks shinier and softer. Dove Hair Color Therapy has not only enhanced the beauty and health of my hair but has locked in the color keeping it vibrant and fresh looking.

For more information on this new line of Dove Hair Color Therapy products go here. You can also watch this introductory video on the new Hair color Therapy products and see just what all the fuss is about.


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