Domestic Diva: Takes on the Dining room

I have to say I usually put flowers on the table. I recently had to do a photography assignment using cool colors. I came up with the idea to use a vase with beads in it. Then I places a bracelet on the base of the vase. I believe I paid $.50 for the vase. The bracelet was from a company called inpink. I just love them! Then one set of beads is from my daughters collection. The shell necklace was from goodwill and the other necklace was one I made. I though it looked pretty neat.

It is also a nice way to display your jewelry when you aren’t wearing it. I do have to say that my daughter had the most fun making her table decor. She loves to put stuff in water so this was a super idea. You could do barbie shoes and glitter for a girl party or you could put in marbles or cars for a boy party. I never thought water and some jewelry could look so cool. If you like my image you can see how I created it on my Pinterest post. I wrote about how I created the Pinterest worthy Look.

What are some ideas of things you would place in water to create unique table decor?

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