Dollar General Real Deal 11/16

This Dollar General Real Deal was not a planned transaction.

Dollar General clearance combined with peelie coupon made a Real Deal!


When I go to stores I generally have my coupons and deals figured out, I use drugstore scenarios and read deal blogs to be ready to look for specific items.  This particular day I was looking to figure out how to spend a $5/$30 Dollar General coupon that had printed on the bottom of my receipt earlier in the week.

I found Cottonelle 12 BIG rolls marked down to $5 , not a great stock up price but it had a $2 off 12 pack toilet paper and wipe peelie coupon on it.  We use both items so I picked them up.  Next I noted that some backpacks that were on clearance a couple of weeks ago were still on the shelf.  There were no signs but I picked up a couple to check the price.  So glad I did! The backpacks rang up $.01!!! They are normally $10 each.  So, this transaction has a retail value of $27 plus tax.  I paid $5.02 plus tax at Dollar General!!

Want to make your own Christmas gifts:  Ruffled scarf, Horse lead rope, Tater Baker bag, Gifts in Jars:  Oatmeal Spice cookies,  and Gifts in Jars:  Jelly Belly.  Get your coupons ready for the Stock Up price on vegetables at Dollar General, use the Coupon previews and Hot Coupons with Why BUY coupons and Why Buy Inserts to determine what you coupons or inserts you need!

Be sure to watch for peelies and clearance as I did with this Dollar General Real Deal.


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