DIY Crayon Monogram

DIY Crayon Monogram

  • Average Time: 75 minutes
  • Average Cost: $15

Material List:
Frame (no glass insert), Xacto blade, 2 boxes of 24 Crayons (you may want more for larger letters), Cardstock in any desired color in the size of frame.

Need the perfect gift for your child’s favorite teacher? This is an adorable and easily crafted option for your child to give their favorite teacher for Teachers Appreciation Day, Back to School, or graduation! Here are the 5 easy steps you will need to create this masterpiece!


1. Print out or draw your letter in your choice of font on scrap paper. (The classic serif fonts are best here.) You can create a template by opening a Word document, type your letter, and size around 700 to fit the page to your liking.

2. Arrange the crayons over the printed or drawn out letter in any color pattern you desire. (you will not yet glue, just arrange to see how many you will use and get an idea of layout. This will be your template only.)
***I used the rainbow gradient but you could use pastels or all blues, etc…

3. Cut crayons individually by using an Xacto blade or box cutter and make sure to have a cutting board under. Always measure twice and cut once, as this is what makes for a detailed finish.

4. Arrange crayons facing same direction and label up, one by one, glueing to card stock or heavy poster board. Craft tacky glue works best here, hot glue only seems to melt the wax. (This is your finished product paper so be sure to keep free of excess glue and crayon shavings.)

5. Frame the finished product in any frame of your choice. ***I like the look of the black frame withe the white mat just because the black brings out the crayons much better.

TIP: When you are making the straight cuts, you can roll the crayon under the blade of the knife to score all the way around, making for a clean break. This will not work on the slanted cuts unfortunately.

Optional finishing touches:
Add a colorful ribbon to the back of your frame to allow it to be hung from a wreath hanger over a door in the classroom. Wrap up or tie with a big bow to make it gift ready!

Expand your creativity:
Instead of crayons use old keyboard keys, colored pencils, #2 yellow pencils, change up the color of the card stock, or try a fancy font!

Happy Crafting!

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