It Pays to Discover I earned $33.11 last month

I love love love to discover. This is my favorite card because of the cash back rewards. The credit card transfers. This is my actual offer but yours may vary when you sign up for a Discover Card.

This was my cashback award. Yes, I spent a lot on my credit card last month lets just say CAR repairs YIKES! The best part was I paid the card right off because we pay a car payment each month on a car we already own just incase they break we have cash. I only used my card to get some “cashback”.

Then I know that discover has these great deals when you take your newly earned rewards you can buy gift cards. I bought one for banana republic.

I earned $5 by buying a $25 card using my rewards. I still have $13.11 in my account and now I have a $25 gift card! That means I made $38.11. That is why I think it pays to Discover. I charge everything and I pay off my card every Wednesday night. Discover makes it easy to pay online. I love my Discover card it is my favorite way to save for the holiday I use all my reward money to buy gift cards then I use coupons and the savings are unreal. I actually intend to use this gift card with a 40% coupon. I am so excited!

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