Dinner for 4 for only $2.00! French Toast & Scrambled Eggs Recipe


Dinner for 4 for only $2.00

dinner for 4

I never shop without coupons and always check the sale papers before I shop but I can never seem to get our family dinners under $6.00 a meal. This has been even more of a challenge with rising grocery costs and growing children. In our house we have 3 adults and 2 chidldren (ages 8 and 13.) My father-in-law has lived with us for about a year and he is a meat and potatoes kind of guy but never complains when I make casseroles or soup. He did once ask where the meat was when we had a Baked Potato dinner. I bit my tongue and didn’t point out we did have bacon crumbles.

Yesterday was a busy day at our home and I had forgotten to set something out for dinner. So with time ticking away, I decided to make breakfast for dinner. Not having time to thaw out any breakfast meat, I decided it would be a meatless dinner and prayed no one complained. So I set out making French Toast and Scrambled eggs. Surprise, my father-in-law and daughter loved the fact I had stepped out of the box and no one even asked where the meat was. While we were eating dinner, I realized that the whole meat had cost me only $2.00. $2.00 to make a dinner for 4 of us and we all survived with meat. Now I am not crazy to think they will accept this 7 days a week but I now have a go to meal when I need something quick, easy, and CHEAP!!

I have posted each recipe below so you can see what I used. Enjoy and go make your own Cheap but delicious dinner.

My Dinner for 4

French Toast Recipe

  • I loaf of bread
  • 4 eggs
  • 1cup milk (made from powered milk that I use for cooking)
  • 1 tbsp vanilla
  • 1 tbsp cinnamon/sugar

Mix all ingredients except bread together while heating griddle. Dip bread in egg mixture, coating each side and place on griddle. Flip when side is browned and cook the other side. Serve with butter and syrup.

Easy Scrambled Eggs

  • 8 eggs
  • 1/2 cup milk (made from powered milk that I use for cooking)

Mix eggs and milk. Preheat frying pan and lightly coat with nonstick spray. Pour in eggs and cook over medium heat. Scramble eggs while they are cooking and remove from pan as soon as they are done to prevent overcooking.


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Hi I’m Gwendolyn and I have been a stay at home mom since 2009. I have been with my husband, James, for 10 years and we are proud parents of Jayme (8) and Nicholas (13). We are also parents to 3 dogs, 2 cats, 2 hamsters, and a snake. My father-in-law lives with us so it is always non-stop at our house. I had the honor of becoming a step-parent when I got married and have a great relationship with my step-son. I always used coupons and shopped for bargains but was forced to step up my game when my husband was disabled in 2005. I get an incredible rush from saving money and finding great deals. My life is a constant journey and I look forward to sharing it with you all.

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