Day After Christmas Sales

Saving Saturday: Frugal Ways to Save Money

 Day After Christmas Sales

Day After Christmas Sales

Now that Christmas is over, my thoughts begin to wander to the day after Christmas sales.  You know, the day when the stores deep discount just about everything they didn’t sell before Christmas.  The best thing about day after Christmas sales is they generally last until the inventory is gone rather than just one day like Black Friday.  That’s a good thing because I won’t be able to make it to the stores the day after Christmas.  However, I am already planning my shopping trip the weekend after Christmas.

You may wonder … why it is frugal to shop at day after Christmas sales?

You have to understand I am not in the market for wrapping paper, holiday decorations, or seasonal knickknacks.   This is the time of year when I look ahead to what gift giving events we will have on our calendar over the next year.  My mission is to replenish the closet.  Yes, the closet.  The closet is my term for what some people might call a gift closet or gift stockpile.  It is a closet in the spare room which is stocked with gifts for all occasions whether it’s a baby or bridal shower, a birthday, an anniversary, or just a “I was thinking of you” day. Throughout the year, I keep my eyes open for generic gifts at bargain prices and purchase one (if not more) of these great deals when they are too good to pass up.  Day after Christmas sales is a perfect time to either start your own gift closet or replenish the one you may already have. Some of my favorite places to look for these deals are anchor stores at the local mall, large discount retailers, and of course online.  Among the best deals right after Christmas are items such as bath and kitchen gift baskets, small toys, and decorative household items. Don’t forget to also do some online after Christmas shopping, most online stores will also offer huge discounts on their day after Christmas sales. So remember our frugal ways to save money today! Take a few minutes over the next few days and make a list of those gift giving occasions which will occur in the next few months.  Make a list, check it twice and maybe you’ll find yourself jump starting the New Year with some savings. Need some future gift ideas? Check out some of our tips

Let us know where you find the best day after Christmas sales!

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