Dawn Dish Soap OXI clean giveaway

The new dawn line touts that you can clean dishes in five minutes instead of 24hours. YOu know the dished that you created by watching the kids instead of dinner and you burnt something or your husband tried to cook. I am kidding my husband is a brillant cook and I never watch my kids.

 The three choices should help you with any mess you make.

Dawn Power Cleaning Dishwashing Liquid

Dawn Bleach Alternative Dishwashing Liquid

Dawn Oxi Dishwashing Liquid

They come in a variety of scents to make cleaning the dishes an experience instead of a chore. If you would like to experience the power of Dawn Dishwashing Liquid enter below to get yours.



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  1. liz_anderson says

    thanks for the chance to win these, i love dawn and the new power clean, is my new favorite!! when i need more im looking for the power clean with bleach alternative!!!

  2. says

    Yes I have been watching you on Facebook and getting my emails. Thanks. I entered the Passover for the Star of Bethlehem necklace and a bunch of other about a month ago. Now entering the BOX.

  3. Kristina C says

    I signed up for the purse giveaway and the neat receipts giveaway. My favorite coupons are anything that bring down the cost of orange juice. My family goes through alot!

  4. Hendy M says

    My favorite coupon is the When Harry Met Sally on Blu-ray Coupon, I’m trying to add to my blu ray collection.
    Entered the Neat Desk giveaway
    hendymartin1 at yahoo dot com

  5. Keisa Rogers says

    Hi…I was already on superpoints, i love the 4/4 cereal coupon and i entered the coach purse giveaway Thanks!

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