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Daily Survey

Have you seen our daily survey? This survey can be found on any post that you read. If you haven’t found it yet, scroll down to the bottom of the page. Did you find it? Make sure to give your opinion so your vote can count. I will update this post with the winning answer to each survey so make sure to check back so you can see if your answer was the most popular answer.

daily survey


01/21/2013   Click here to take today’s survey or scroll all the way down to find it.

Past Survey Answers

01/02/2013-If you could be one Mythical Creature what would you be?

Unicorn (Top Answer)       

01/03/2013- What animal does your spouse/significant other remind you of?

Cuddly Koala(Top Answer)

01/04/2013-How do you get your sugar mix?

Brownies (Top Answer)

01/05/2013 and 01/06/2013–Which type of pet do you currently have?

Dog (Top Answer)

01/07/2013- What is your favorite day of the week?

Friday (Top Answer)

01/08/2013 – Do you use coupons?

Yes, All of the Time! (Top Answer)

01/09/2013 – Would you rather……

Kiss a Polar Bear (Top Answer)

01/10/2013-What is your favorite Childhood Cereal?

Captain Crunch (Top Answer)

01/11/2013-Do you do anything special for Valentine’s Day?

Sometimes (Top Answer)

01/12/2013 and 01/13/2013-What type of school do your children go to?

Public School (Top Answer)

01/14/2013- Did you enjoy the coupon insert giveaway? Do you want us to do another one? Which do you prefer?                     Yes, Yes, Whole Coupon Inserts (Top Answers)

01/15/2013 -What is the most you have ever saved on a shopping trip?

90-100% (Top Answer)

01/16-17/2013 -How did you find Madame Deals?

Facebook (Top Answer)

01/18/2013 – What do you do when you have bad service at a restaurant?

Email Corporate (Top Answer)

01/19-20/2013-What is your Favorite Vacation Destination

Florida (Top Answer)

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