CVS Summer Items 90% off

Summer Toys 90% off

Summer Toys 90% off

As I mentioned, I haven’t been out shopping much. I even skipped my weekly weekend run to CVS! Today I had a few extra minutes after I got off work and I was able to stop by. I did not do any of the weekly deals as I wasn’t anticipating this trip. I did however, come across some great deals in the Summer Clearance!

I bought:

(2) Sunflower Sprinklers for $1.49 each (one will be for our use, one will go to my gift stockpile)

(2) Bubble Fun Playsets .39¢ each

(1) 6 pc beach set .29¢

(2) Big Beach Shovels .19¢ each (not in picture, boys already playing with them!)

(4) Drink sports bottles .29¢ each (2 for boys, 2 for stockpile)

Miracle Bubbles 16 oz .49¢

As some of our readers have asked, Amee and I stockpile gifts. When end of season items go on clearance we will pick up an extra things for gifts. I have a cabinet that I keep all of my stockpile gifts in. Usually I have an idea who they are for. Sometimes if an item is really inexpensive, I will pick up an extra to have on hand for those “emergency” gifts! You can view my earlier post on gift stockpiling HERE.

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