CVS SAVING more than you spend??

Just another day at CVS

When I want a deal I go to CVS. The point of my trip today was to get some formula for my daughter. I also wanted to see how much FREE stuff I could grab.

This is what I do.
1) Check the sales flyer before leaving home.. or go online
2) find the products that are free after extra care bucks (This trip skintimate dry skin shave gel $3.49)
3) See if you have a coupon for the free product. Yes, you can use a coupon if there is one because you have to pay the $3.49 up front. Then the extra care bucks print out on your receipt for future visits. I check Hot Coupon World. There was one sent by mail. I do not have one but if I did I would make $3.00 because the coupon was for $3.00. I would end up paying $.49 out of pocket and getting the $3.49 in ECB
4) Then I check out what other deals result in extra care bucks. I spot a great deal for me. If I spend $25 in baby products I get $10 back… perfect I need formula and bum wipes.
5) Then I check my coupon stash to determine how to spend just $25
6) Next, I go to the store and find the extra care card scanner (it is a red box)

7) Scan your extra care card for additional coupons (if a scanner doesn’t exist ask the cashier to do this for you)
8) Go get your products

Here was my trip:
Bought 3 Johnson products $3 off Johnsons Coupon $9-3=6

2 formula $10-2 coupon from the grocery store (yup, if it says manufacture you can use it ANYWHERE) final $8

3 boxes of wipes $2 each final $6
Johnson $9
Formula $10
Wipes $6

I got a coupon for spending $20.00 gets $4 off HAND this to the cashier FIRST
Final math $25.00- $4.00 cvs- $3 off Johnson – $2 formula= $16 total owed but wait I get $10 ECB my final price $6 bucks (you will pay the 16.00 and tax but you will get the $10 toward your next purchase)

Since some of you are just starting out.Here is a deal with online coupons you can get right now.

If you want you could buy 6 Johnson products at $3 each= 18.00
Print out two coupons for 3 products and $3 off each total $6 Johsons Coupon

1 bag of Huggies natural fit diapers at 10.00
Here is $3 off coupon Huggies Coupon
Total is $18 Johnson products + $10 diaper= $28 before coupons after $12+$7= $19 total then get the $10 ECB final total for one thing of diaper and 6 baby products is $9.00

** It isn’t a deal unless you use it”

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