CVS Rolling, Rolling, Rolling

cvs 5/24

Today I had a GREAT CVS run! I had two different transactions and paid .81¢ for transaction #1 and .59¢ for transaction #2 out of pocket!

Here is a run down Transaction #1:

  • Colgate Toothpaste FREE after ECB’s & -$1 manuf. coupon
  • Playtex Sport, FREE after ECB’s & -$1 manuf. coupon
  • Clearasil Face Wash, $1.00 MONEYMAKER, after ECB’s and -$1 manuf. coupon
  • (4)Dove Exfoliating Pads for vitalizer, FREE, had (2) CVS coupons for $5 off. They were on clearnace for $2.50 each.
  • (2)Post Cereal Bo, Go; Used (2) -$2.00 off manuf. coupons, makes it .40¢ each
  • (2)Neutragena Sunscreen sticks $7.99, used (2) -$2.00 off manufac. coupons found at CVS, makes it .99¢ each after ECB’s
  • (2)Neutragena clearance makeup 75% off, used -$3.00/2 coupon, makes it .62¢ each
  • CVS allergy medicine, Regularly $17.99, clearnace for $4.70, used -$5.00 CVS coupon that printed out when I scanned my card at the little red box, MONEYMAKER!

Used $18.99 in ECB’s from previous weeks.

Paid .81¢ out of pocket

Got Back $18.99 in ECB’s, Woo Hoo!

Transaction #2 Breakdown

  • (2) Band-aid, .29¢ after ECB’s
  • (2) Speed Sitck Pro, FREE after ECB’s

Used $12 in ECB’s

Paid .59¢ out of pocket

Got back $11.98 in ECB’s

Can you believe that I basically got about $100 worth of products for pocket change? If you want to find out how to roll those ECB’s read our post HERE or Attend our Coupon Workshop. Info HERE.





  1. Angela says

    What CVS did you go to? I went to the one at Lake Monticello this afternoon and the speed stick pro was no where to be found? Thanks!

  2. madamedeals says

    We went to the lake one. If the product is no longer there ask for a raincheck. They do not expire. Then you can get the product when it comes the will include the register rewards.

  3. says

    I forgot all about the Post deal when I went earlier today! I may have to go back this week for that one. Thanks for linking up, it is great to see the great deals other people get!

  4. says

    When I went to my CVS this past Sunday, I had to ask about the Speedsticks. They had the advertisements out for them but had not stocked the shelves yet.

  5. madamedeals says

    We are finding more andmore, that the signs for the products are notout. It is kind of like a treasure hunt! Unfortunately, it takes a lot of time too.

  6. madamedeals says

    / enjoy! and thanks for following our blog did you enter our contest? Vera Bradley and Clouds and Stars Sheets

  7. madamedeals says

    We both went to the CVS here at the Lake. There was not a sign for the speed stick pro. BUt there were only a few left when we were there at 9 am. They get a new shipment every Friday. If you can’t find them, ask for a raincheck.

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