CVS Real Deals



Fruitopia, 13.5 ounces on clearance for $1.74
$1.50/1 from CVS Reinventing beauty magazine
Final price = $ .24 cents each

Just the Basics is reg. price $2.49 for a large 32 oz bottle

Deal: I bought two Just the Basics and the Fruitopia. These are part of the deal where if you spend $30 on CVS, Fruitopia & JTB brands by January 14th…you get $10 CVS cash back….so that’s another reason I got the JTB even though it was reg. price.

Dove Shine Boost that is on Clearance for $1.12
$1.00 coupon that I printed from Dove web site
Final price = $.12

Pantene 2&1 (23.7 oz. lg. bottle) is on clearance for $1.74…., and the Highlighting Expressions is on clearance for $1.62, so I got 2 of each kind, had coupons for $3.00 off of 2….for a total of $ .72 for 4 bottles!!!!

Herbal Essence, large 23.7 oz bottle on sale for $1.74 each and I had $1.00/2 coupons

And, if you have more than 1 CVS close to you…try both because when I went last night, I was only able to get 2 bottles at these prices….the rest of the shelves were cleared….and I went to a different CVS tonight, bought all that I did….and there was still plenty left on the shelves:)

Thanks Laurie Ward for these deals!

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  1. penny hyde says

    I’ve seen alot of Pantene on clearance lately in all stores. Sure hope they aren’t going to do awya with the original classic. It is my fave. I’m excited about the Dove shine booster Q. I have been using a shine booster and just love the way it makes my hair look and feel. I was a doubter about its usefulness at first. Now i am a believer.

  2. says

    Don’t you just love getting a great bargain. I love saving money. I just wish I had more time to find those great deals. Looks like you found some good ones at CVS last month :)

  3. Rachelle Goude says

    I simply cannot wait for the 2, yes 2, CVS stores to open in my area. They are about 5ish miles apart. My home is inbetween both and they are in different cities. I live on the border of 2 cities. It will be wonderful. Now if they would only bring us a closer WAWA…

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