CVS Real Deal

CVS Real Deal shopping can be fun!

Using a scenario to be more prepared for transactions can lead to CVS Real Deal shopping.

I always check drugstore scenarios before heading to the drugstores.  My goal is to have the least out of pocket amount for the most product.  I only want product that I can use or donate not something to fill a shelf or space in my house! After determining what items are the best Real Deals for the week I check what coupons are needed and if I have those coupons.  Then I check the math to roll my current store rewards and only have to pay tax if at all possible! Remember that store rewards have expirations just as coupons have expirations.  I mark these on my calendar so the date won’t slip by unnoticed.  NOTE:  Many coupons expired yesterday, the end of the month.  This CVS Real Deal shopping trip did not use ANY manufacturer coupons, only CVS coupon machine coupons.  Some CVS coupons are available for printing on the website.  The razor coupon is one from the CVS website.


CVS Real Deal transaction example for this week:

1 -2 L 7Up Ten (will go great with last week’s cranberry juice clearance for a wonderful Holiday punch!)  .99- CVS coupon .30= $.69

1 CVS Men’s 5 blade razor kit $6.79-CVS coupon $3 off any CVS 5 blade razor= $3.79

used last weeks $2.79 extrabucks

paid out of pocket $1.84, including tax!

Got $5 extrabucks

So, the math for this transaction would look like this:  $2.79 extrabuck used + 1.84 out of pocket= 4.63 “paid”- $5 extrabucks back= $.37 The store actually paid me to shop for these two items.  This CVS Real Deal  transaction was a “moneymaker”!  Comment below any CVS Real deal shopping tips.

When you need coupons, head to Wiz Clipz and Insert Insanity.  If you have Publix be sure to see this new HOT coupon!

Shop Real deals at CVS, Walgreens, Rite Aid using these tips and get your own CVS Real Deal!

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