CVS Real Deal

CVS Real Deal transactions for peanut butter, vitamins and handwash.

I rolled a $5 extrabuck and did two transactions to get this CVS Real Deal.

cvs real deal

Sundown Gummy vitamins sale $7 – $2/1 coupon – 5 extrabucks= total .64 and got back 4 extrabucks. Net cost 1.64

Jif peanut butter 18 oz was on sale 2/$5 and had store rewards of $4 when you spend $12.  I bought 5 jars= 12.50

Dial handwash 7.5 oz was $2.50- 1/1 internet print = 1.50, got $2 extrabucks **I can honestly say I do NOT know if this coupon is for this particular product- I have never seen anything with “powerberries” on the label and did not find it in this store.  When I inquired of an employee this is what I was told was the right thing!?**

Used the 4 extrabucks from transaction 1 and paid $10.61 out of pocket, got a 4 and 2 extrabucks. Net cost 8.61

Some items are difficult to get a Real Deal on- peanut butter is one.  This fall there have been a couple of great deals but they were at  grocery chains that are not within 75 miles of me so I was super excited when I found this CVS real deal on JIF.

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Watch our Rolling rewards: CVS, Walgreens, and Rite Aid to get your own Real deals like this CVS Real deal.


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