CVS paid ME $5.71!!! Saved $103.21

I got paid to take all this!!!

I got paid to take all this!!!

I did 2 transactions to minimize my out of pocket cash.

Here is what I bought first

Retail $79.96 paid $4.63

Retail $79.96 paid $4.63

I had a spend $49 get $7 off coupon so this equaled more than that.

Sunscreen $9 each for $27 total. Used the aveeno coupon for $10 off of 3 positively ageless products (see our rock bottom deals to print this out). I also had a spend $15 on sunscreen get $3 off final cost $14.00 (got $10 back in ECB) So $4.00 out of pocket

Glade products buy 2 for $10. I did this deal twice once with the Lasting Impressions and once with the sense and sprays. I used 2 ($3.00 off coupons) then I got $3 in ECB back so that means I paid $.50 each or $1.00 for both Lasting Impressions.

The Glade Sense and Spray were also 2 for $10 and I used 2 ($4.00 off coupons). Then I got $3 in ECB. That means I made $1.00 which paid for the ones above. Yup, I got $20 worth of glade products for NOTHING!!!

1 Carefree pads $3,79 used $1.00 off coupon paid $2.79 out of pocket got $3.79 in ECB (made $1.00)….

So if you take the $4 I spent on the sunscreen and minus the $1.00 I made on the carefree I paid $3.00. But wait, I spent over $49.00 and I got $7.00 off with my CVS coupon. That means CVS paid me $4.00.

Transaction #2


Bought 3 more Carefree pads (limit per card is 4) $3.79 each. They give you back $3.79 in ECB so they are FREE. However I had a coupon for $1.00 of of two. SO I made $1.00 by buying them.

Deodorant was $2.49 each with a limit  of two; one  for me one for him.  I used (2) $1.50 off coupons (see our rock bottom CVS deals for the coupon). Then they each give you $1.00 in ECB. They were free, but WAIT I had a cvs coupon for $1.00 off from the CVS Reinventing Beauty magazine (which is in the front of the store it is $.99). I made $1.00 on this transaction.

Glade Candle $3.29- $3.00 coupon= $.29

Fruitopia shampoo buy one get one free. I used a CVS coupon for buy one get one free. I got both of them for, you guessed it, FREE!!!

So $1.00 from the deodorant + $1.00 from the carefree= $2.00

$4 from the first transaction and $2.00 for the second = $6-$.29 candle= $5.71 PROFIT!!!

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It is not what you save, but what you spend. I spent $5.71


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