Cute Kid Clothes Deals!!! 3 Pc Outfit only $25 shipped & a Free Tee too!

I’m super excited about this deal!  Finally!  Cute Kids Clothes Deals!!!

Head over to Fabkids and grab a 3 pc outfit (all are super cute) for only $25 shipped and you will get a free bonus tee too!!!

You will get free shipping and free returns (just in case something didn’t fit right or you didn’t like it)!!!

Fabkids has girls sizes ranging from 2 – 8 and they will be adding sizes 10 – 12 real soon!  Boys collection will launch in 2013!

How to Cancel:  It’s EASY!  No need to call at certain hours or even talk to pushy sales reps!  Simply send an email to [email protected] to cancel.  Yay!  Love that part!  Thank goodness for the simple stuff!!


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