Customizo Custom Tees Review

There are a lot of companies online that offers customized products, but I found an interesting company that you should all definitely check out., is one of the first apparel and products customization website that I encountered that offers customization of various products from well-known brands such as American Apparel, adidas, Hanes, Nike, Champion and more. Not only that, they also take pride in being the fist to offer an innovative design software platform that makes use of ecommerce and social media for easy group collaboration to design and customize items that you need.

Need to design a team, company or group shirt or other products? Now it is easy through’s social media site Groupizo. Just create your group, connect and together you can all chat, edit or share your design ideas. You can even ask everyone to vote on whose design you want or even order as group or individually. Customizo have also opened their doors to mobile ecommerce and customization software integration with their mobile application, Snapizo. So you and your group can even use your phones to collaborate and share photos that you have on your iPhone. In short, Customizo have prepared everything to make your project quick and easy.

Let’s go back to their products. Other sites doesn’t let you choose the brand of products that they offer. Most of the time you just have to trust that you’re getting a good quality product with your design, but with Customizo they carry items from well known brands so you can actually choose and be assured that the quality of the item you’re getting is worth the price. This is very important especially if you’re giving the item as gift for someone special right. And aside from tees they also customize backpacks, totes, caps and more.

I personally received one of their #TextOnlyTees to review and though it is simple, the print quality is really good. It is not the type that would peel off just after a few washes. I also took some time to look at their customization software and it is quite easy to use. You can upload an artwork, use their free templates or even customize your own.

Plus one of my favorite part of Customizo is their Hanes 4 education program. This is perfect for school in need of printed shirts. Just place your order with Customizo, send your invoice and Hanes redemption form and in 4-6 weeks you will receive Box Top certificates that you can redeem and get cash for your school. Plus use Coupon code BT10 and they will even donate 5% to your school. I suggest you register today to their Hanes4Education C-Store so that you will receive a Free Custom T-shirt.

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