Customer Service is Your Friend


None of us really wants to contact a store’s customer service department when we have a problem. It takes time and energy we really don’t have these days.  However, there are times when a call to customer service is unavoidable.

Over the past two weeks, I have contacted customer service at Food Lion twice because catalina coupons (those checkout coupons the cashier hands you with your receipt) which were supposed to print with my order did not. It wasn’t a computer glitch. They didn’t print because the catalina coupon printer didn’t have any paper. The first time this happened I was expecting to receive 20 Box Tops for Education. The second time was today when hubby made a quick trip to pick up a few things. Among those items were eight Food Lion store brand items which should have produced a $2 off your next order catalina. No such luck. The printer was out of paper and the catalina didn’t print.

I called customer service and they kindly told me they would mail out the coupon. I know they will do it because I received 20 Box Tops for Education in the mail last week.

Even though it takes time to contact someone when something goes wrong, stores are willing to help. The one thing to always remember is “be nice.”

Have you contacted customer service recently? What was your experience?

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  1. I’m so glad you said “be nice”. I work in customer service. My job is to help the people who call in. I really do not want to do my job when peopel start out cussing me, calling me names or outright lying to me. Those things make me want to hang up on you. I understand you are most likely calling in with a problem and it is my job to fix that for you. If people call in and are fairly calm/nice I more likely to solve thier problem and offer an additional bonus “for your trouble”. Calling in and screaming from the minute I pick up the phone only causes both of us unneeded stress.

    It is so annoying when those coupons don’t print, but I’ve never had trouble getting one from customer service.