Custom letters from Santa sent directly to your home!

Custom letters from Santa sent directly to your home!


If you are looking for something special for your kids this year, then you have to check out Santalettersonline.comFrom their website, “Personalize and send a Letter From Santa directly to your child at your home. This letter is Postmarked from the North Pole* and printed on official Santa Claus stationery. Complete the delight for your child with a “Good Boys & Girls Certificate” embossed with a golden Santa Seal or one of our NEW “Good Boys & Girls List” which prominently features your childs name!”

How cute is that right!? If you want your letter postmarked from the North Pole you MUST put your order in by December 9th! You can still order afterwords,it just won’t be postmarked from the North Pole. So click on the image above to order yours today, your kids are sure to love it!

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