Custom iPhone Case #ThinkChristmas

I love finding cool iPhone cases. My phone is an extension of my arm so why not have it look awesome. It’s like an accessory in that way. Although I love my cases, I actually decided that I’d order a custom iPhone case for my husband. He has a blog too so to support him, I wanted to get his logo on a case.

It turned out amazing!! I love it! You may not understand the logo or get why I’m so excited but being able to put his logo on his cell phone case is the coolest! I was planning on giving it to him for Christmas but I couldn’t wait. That’s how excited I am about this cover. I ended up giving it to him tonight and he loved it!

I might have to get one with my logo! Actually, I’d probably get a couple of them…I’d like one with the kids’ picture too!

Check them out! It was very easy to design and it’s a great price. What a great Christmas gift it would be too. If you act fast, you can get the iPhone Case with Pro Photo Enhancing  for 30% off!



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