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I used other people’s money to pay off my debt. I grabbed a credit card like this Discover with 15 months of free 0% APR. The reason is simple if you go to a service like Credit Sesame and figure out what you actually owe. It will give you all your debts in one place and it FREE.,

You can click the link to get Your Free Credit Score now at Credit Sesame! No Credit Card Required.

Credit Sesame is a 100% free personal finance credit and debt management tool with no credit card required or trial period. It makes managing personal credit online, owing less in interest and saving on mortgage, loan & credit card payments easy!

If you want to get serious you need to actually look at your whole financial situation.
The debt you have can be resolved. It is going to take work and being creative.

There are a lot of credit cards out there that offer the 0% APR I haven’t seen one for 15 months free in a long time. That is why I suggest signing up. I would transfer as much of your balance as you can from your highest interest rate card. Then I would call the highest interest rate card and ask for a lower rate. They will usually do this based on your payment history.

When I had credit card debt it was because I really didn’t understand the implications of using my credit card. I was paying 10%-15% more to buy that item on sale. The truth was I couldn’t afford that item without the card and I should not have bought it. You can fast forward to over 5,000 in unneeded debt and a job that wouldn’t support that kind of debt so I had to get creative on paying it back.

I borrowed money from Discover Card by taking advantage of their 0% apr. I still use my discover card everyday. I pay it off each Wednesday so I know how much money I have left for my bills. I can track what I spend on clothes, food, gas, incidentals and it helps me plan my budget. I make money by signing up for their 5% rewards program. I use the card to buy items I will make the 5% off of. Then I pay off the card. I always joke on my Facebook page asking people what my balance is on my credit card it is usually under $5.00 just because I forgot to pay something.

Then I used it to earn money by using their rewards program. You can see how I do this in my Discover Card example.

I have to say if you stop lying to yourself over your debt and decide to take control it is possible to pay off your debt. I paid mine off in a very short time because I put all my debt in one place and then every time I had an extra $5.00 I paid off the card. I couponed shopped to add even more money towards my debt. I had to get real with myself and actually have a plan that I need to follow.

DiscoverĀ® MoreĀ® Card

Discover card is offering 0% APR for 15 months!!

I have been debt free for 10 years now and it feels GREAT!

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