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I was recently contacted by two sisters who have always shared a love of the writing process. One loved to tell the stories and the other knew just had to illustrate them. They have a ton of great stories and free activities. In fact everything on their site is free. This a great way to share reading download The Stories For My Little  Sister onto your smart phone. They  post new stories so there is always something new to look forward to.

I thought about what a  great idea this is for parents to encourage their children to become writers. If you wanted to host a blog it can be done for a little as $4.95 a month. The benefits of using the writing process will follow your children forever. I encourage parents to enable their children to share their ideas it will boost their confidence and their academic careers. When I taught school the project my students liked best was creating a Power Point presentation to explain how to do something. We did them everything from answering a math equation to documenting how to  build a wooden table. The key to engaging a child is find the topic that speaks to them and integrate reading and writing and creating a blog does just that.

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