Create Customized T-shirt for Free, Shipping starts at $5

Hurry and order your Free T-shirt now at Vistaprint! You can design your free t-shirt and use it to promote your business or blog.

If you have an etsy shop or ebay shop or any other business, this deal is perfect now that it’s less than 100 days away from Christmas. Take advantage of the holiday season and promote your business, you can also give it to friends so that they can be your walking advertisements.

With this free offer, you’ll get one white Short Sleeve T-shirt which can be customized  by choosing one from the 36 free designs. Other design templates are available but it comes with an extra charge, so if you want it to be free better stick with the 36 designs. Because it is free you can only edit the Company Name and Message text for the shirt.

If you like to add a logo just like what I did, you only have to add $2.49.

The T-shirt is absolutely free but you do have to pay for shipping, so at checkout make sure to choose the cheapest which is also the slowest and it will cost you less than $5. You will receive your order within 21 days. Click Here

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