Crafting with Kids: Why Waste a Baking Fail?


Crafting with Kids

Crafting with Kids

So this week was my step-moms birthday. Trying to be sneaky my daughter and I made cupcakes to surprise her with. Cute Right?? First, let’s start at the beginning! So we got everything measured out and mixed together and my daughter helped me scoop the batter into the cupcake tin so we could bake them. Somewhere in-between turning the oven on to what I swore was 350 and filling the cupcake liners my oven got bumped up to somewhere around 600 degrees!!! Yup…you read that right 600 degrees!! Needless to say I had 12 burnt cupcakes in 5 minutes!

My first thought: “Oh man! Now what…” then, my second thought SENSORY EXPERIMENT!!! Why waste perfectly burnt cupcakes?? Really, they were just going to get tossed in the garbage anyways so why not let my daughter pull them apart and demolish them first??? At least they weren’t a total waste!!

Meet Stephanie! She’s a 24 year old stay at home Mom, who couldn’t ask for a better blessing than to be home with her daughter!! Their favorite things to do together is working on art projects and they enjoy sharing them with people at Crafting with Bug!! In her free time she enjoys reading and scrapbooking!!

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